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Ubuntu 20.04 Looking Like macOS Highlights the Linux Customization Power


And truth be told, users like to customize the software running on their devices just the way they want, simply because it’s cooler to have applications that perfectly match their expectations.

And while Windows comes with some obvious limitations in this regard, not the same thing can be said about Linux, where the power of customization is only limited by your imagination.

The recently-released Ubuntu 20.04, for example, is part of this customization party too, and someone on reddit has quickly customized the operating system to make it look like macOS.

Of course, turning Linux into one of its rivals is for many a blasphemy, but on the other hand, others might find the whole thing pretty cool simply because it helps turn the experience overall into a more familiar working environment.

But at the end of the day, this little project highlights just how customizable everything is on Linux.

The redditor who did this say they used a dedicated macOS icon pack, additional custom icons, all with a series of other modifications like replacing Nautilus with Nemo and installing Plank to power the dock. You can find more information about all tweaks in the linked discussion thread on reddit.

Anyone can customize their Linux desktops in a million ways, so if you want to build your own custom look for the operating system, you can use this macOS concept as a starting point and then further improve it with your own ideas, such as custom icon packs or other modifications.