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Sony to Launch Iron Man VR Bundle in Early July, Free Demo Available Now


After unveiling The Last of Us Part II bundle less than a week ago, Sony announced that Iron Man VR is getting the same treatment. The Japanese company confirmed that the PlayStation VR Marvel’s Iron Man VR bundle will be launched alongside the PS VR exclusive game on July 3.

The bundle includes a PlayStation VR headset, PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move motion controllers, Marvel’s Iron Man VR Blu-ray disc, and a PS VR Demo Disc. The bundle costs $350 and will be available in the following countries: US, Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and the Dominican Republic.

A downgraded version of the bundle that will only include two PlayStation Move motion controllers and a physical copy of the game will be launched in Europe for €100 / £85. Pre-orders are now available in the following countries: Switzerland, Austria, Eastern Europe, UK, Croatia, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Benelux, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

Both bundles specifically include two Move motion controllers because it will allow players to fire up Iron Man’s Repulsor Jets and blast into the skies, but they will most likely have other important uses in the game as well. In fact, Sony mentions that you need two PlayStation Move motion controllers to be able to play the game.

More importantly, Sony released a demo of the game, which can be downloaded for free from anywhere in the world via the PlayStation Store. The demo includes the Malibu tutorial mission, an interactive Stark Jet cinematic starring Tony, Friday & Pepper Potts, Out of the Blue Stark Jet gameplay mission, Flight Challenge optional mission, and Advanced Combat Challenge optional mission.

All players who download the free demo before the game launched on July 3, will receive the exclusive Molten Lava Armor Deco when they purchase Marvel’s Iron Man VR game.