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How to Make £10 and above From Panel Opinion UK


Have you ever wondered why most people don’t stop answering surveys online? Is Survey participation worth it?

Hello CoTechBloggers, it’s time to discuss another wonderful topic on our make money online page.

Before we continue, here is a quick tips to keep you posted and updated on what survey is.

  1. Surveys are questions being answered to earn incentive
  2. You can make $5 from surveys a day. Depends on how devoted you’re
  3. You can answer survey questions in your free time and make cool money.
  4. You can cash out your earnings easily via PayPal or other payment method.
  5. You might get disqualified but never give up 💪.

Now let’s talk about Panel Opinion

Panel Opinion is a survey company based in the UK which is also like other survey platforms but has different strategies and user friendly interface with beautiful payment section. There are lots of features on this platform which other survey network does not have.

Here are few things you should know about them before getting started.

  1. They pay in £ and the minimum cashout is £10
  2. Payment method is via PayPal
  3. Strictly for UK

Getting started with Panel Opinion

If you’re in UK, click HERE to register, enter you details and mobile number to confirm account then set up your demographic profile and start answering survey questions.

However, For those in other countries, you need to make use of VPN & other tools to getting started.

  1. Download any VPN (Windscribe)
  2. Connect ur VPN to UK
  3. Download textme up app and signup with ur Gmail
  4. Then after register, you will see get free uk number… click it and that’s it.
  5. click HERE to register on Panel Opinion
  6. Enter your details such as names, address and mail. You can get a UK address at fakeaddressgenerator.com
  7. Enter the number from textme up app
  8. Check the textme up app to receive the code sent to you
  9. Enter code and confirm your account
  10. Set up your profile and start answering survey questions.

When you’ve accumulated £10, you can cashout your funds via PayPal 😊.

That’s all.

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