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How to Make $1 and above with instant withdrawal to PayPal on Zynn App


ZYNN App, Earn $1 per referral

Zynn app is an app that rewards members for their time spent on watching videos. The app is totally new and has no review on play store yet, so it’s still a virgin

  • Step 1: Open your playstore account and switch to your USA account. For those that don’t have a USA playstore account, clear your playstore app and data and switch to a new Gmail upon launching your playstore app again. Your VPN should be connected while doing this
  • Step 2: with your VPN on, go to the following link to download the app: click HERE
  • Step 3: Register with your USA number or other means available. But I’ll recommend the USA number because the app is somehow strong. Use groove IP number if you want to use the US number for registration. It is what I used
  • Step 4: watch at least 3 videos
  • Step 5: Log in the gift box section will see 1 $ locked next press “GO
  • Step 6: enter the invitation code:


In total, you’ll get $2 i.e. $1 for registration and $1 for applying referral code.


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