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Google Begins Testing a Dark Mode for the Search Engine


Let’s be honest about it: dark themes have become an essential feature of everything these days, and both app and operating system developers rushed to add this visual facelift to their products.

For example, Android, iOS, and Windows all come with a dark mode, while the majority of apps out there have also added such an update in the last 12 months or so.

And now it looks like Google is fully committed to bringing the dark mode to the search engine as well, most likely in an attempt to offer more consistency on devices where such a mode is enabled.

Dark Google.com on Android

So the company has recently started testing a dark mode on the Google Search page on Android devices. The dark mode on Google.com is only available in Google Chrome browser under an experimental flag for now, but once the testing is complete, it would go live for everyone on mobile devices.

As for the reason the company is using a flag in Chrome to test this feature, it’s most likely because Google wants to enable the dark mode as long as the same settings are used on the operating system.

So if Google Chrome determines that the dark mode is enabled on Android, it can switch to the dark mode as well, in its turn instructing Google.com to serve the dark theme on load.

Whether or not the dark mode of Google.com would make it to the desktop is something that remains to be seen, but sooner or later this should happen as well. Of course, it’ll take a while until the work in this regard is finalized, but for now, it just looks like everything is supposed to go dark sooner or later, including the web itself.



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