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Apple to Use It’s Own Processor on Macs from 2021


New reviews from Bloomberg recommend that Apple willfully substitute the Intel processor on its Mac gadgets and begin utilizing its new processor from 2021. Apple has been utilizing Intel processor from 2006 on all it’s mac gadgets together with the MacBooks, Macs, and Mac Professionals.


The chips that the company is currently developing is codenamed ‘Kalamata’. A per the report, Apple might also start to use its GPU as well. Apple is working on 3 different SoC for mac for and of them will be based on the A14 chip that the company has developed for the next lineup of iPhones.

During the initial phase, the chips that Apple is working on will come with eight high-performance cores and four energy-efficient cores. They are codenamed as Firestorm and Icestorm respectively.

Moving to in house chip developed by Apple itself will give more control over their products and makes the hardware and software work more closely. Another reason is that Apple has to wait for Intel to launch it’s new processors, only then Apple can release their new devices with updated chips. After using their chips, they can easily release the new refresh of the existing lineup without having to wait for anyone. If you take a look at the iPhones, the chip used in it, Apple A series is made by Apple itself. So they are not required to wait for anyone which is not the case with the majority of Android device manufacturers.

Similarly, Google is also working on developing a new chip to use on its lineup of devices like Pixels and Chromebooks.

Furthermore, using a chip developed by them itself make the Apple ecosystem more strong and reliable. Following this Apple can design software that closely works with the hardware and better make use of the existing resources.

Last year, Apple introduced an initiative called ‘Catalyst’ which will make it easier for developers to port iPad apps to macOS. Something similar to this will introduced by Apple to make the new chip compatible with almost tall software out there.



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